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PakLite Gear is located in Oregon which has no sales tax. As a result, there is no tax charged for any order.
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American Survival Guide - June 2014 USA magazine names #PakLite 7th #Flashlight (page 46) 
Backpacker - August 2006 - Page #108 


GEAR Ultralight 
By Steve Howe

"We found the Basic model plenty bright enough for nighttime trail use..."

Mother Earth News - Issue #215 - April/May 2006 - Page #24 

Green Gazette

Bright Light in the Palm of Your Hand
(read article online, click here) 
By Tabitha Alterman

Blue Water Sailing - October 2004 - Page #111 

Blue Water Sailing
Web Site:

Light fantastic

"We have been testing the Pak-Lite,. ...and, like L. Frances Herreshoff's ideal boat, the only drawback is that people want to borrow it."


"Battery life is enough to convince you to go short on battery company stock. We attached a Pak-Lite to an old smoke detector battery. We turned it on high Friday morning and let it burn. Monday morning it was still going, a bit dimmer, but bright enough to read in a dark room."


"We want to get a Pak-Lite for everyone we know; they are just about the cleverest idea that has come our way in a while.
We are impressed. The Pak-Lite gets the BWS seal of approval, with smiles all around."

Southern Boating - August 2004 - Page #24 

Southern Boating

Web site:  

NEW GEAR Showcase

Bigger Isn't Always Better -

No matter how large your center console is, chances are at some point you'll wish it had more storage space. As it's much cheaper for your gear to get smaller than your boat to get bigger, the 1.5 ounce Pak-Lite Long Shelf Life LED Flashlight is perfect for stashing in an electronics box or boat bag. You can forget about it up to five years (with a 9-volt battery) or 10 years if you go the Lithium battery route. The compact light was designed to run approximately 1,200 hours on the low setting, but the manufacturer reports that some units are still running over one year and 8,760+ hours later. Priced from $24.

Women in the Outdoors Magazine - Summer 2004 - Page #15 

Women in the Outdoors

Web Site:

Gear Guide

Pak-Lite LED Flashlight

Daylight will eventually run out but your light source won't if you use a Pak-Lite. It conveniently snaps on top of a 9-volt battery to give you anywhere from 200 to 1,200 hours of light, depending on the setting and battery type. Lithium batteries seem to last longer, but the flashlight also performs well with standard and alkaline batteries. The Pak-Lite works in inclement weather and light can be seen from nearly a mile away. It's great for emergencies in the woods and weighs only 1.5 ounces. Pak-Lite comes in a variety of light spectrums; try green for outdoor use. Only available through Pak-Lite. The price varies by battery type and light color- from $24 to $30.

TV & Newspapers 
Detroit Free Press; April 20, 2006. Inside the outdoors By Eric Sharp 

Detroit Free Press
Inside the outdoors
By Eric Sharp
Published: April 20, 2006

"When Ben Henry was 15, he invented the Pak-Lite, a twin LED flashlight about the size of two sugar cubes. It snaps onto a 9-volt battery to create one of the smallest, longest-lasting and handiest lights you'll ever own."  Read story here.  (opens new window)

WJRT ABC ch. 12 On Air Morning Show Review - October 9, 2005 

ABC 12 Morning News
Pak-Lite is "Gadget of the Week" in Flint Michigan

By Kirk Yuhnke

View on YouTube (click here)

The New York Times Newspaper - May 26, 2005  

The New York Times 
A Teenager, a Phone Battery and a Back-to-Basics Flashlight
By Ian Austen 
Published: May 26, 2005
Like many teenagers, Benjamin Henry tinkered with electronics. But an ultraminimal flashlight he created five years ago, when he was 15, has become a business. Read the article at (new window opens)

The Mail Tribune Newspaper - April 13, 2005  

Mail Tribune
Southern Oregon's News Source
By Bill Kettler (Mail Tribune)
A backpacking trip spawned a family business that brings light to people across the United States and around the world.
Read the Article at (new window opens)

Online Reviews 
May 29, 2016 
July 23, 2014

By Leon Pantenburg (click here for full story)

"The low setting is perfect for reading in your tent at night. The high setting is very adequate for most needs. I wouldn’t hesitate to use one on a headband for running after dark... The biggest endorsement I can give any preparedness product is to say that I would include it in my personal survival gear. I carry the Pak-Lite regularly, and I will be getting others. This light is a winner."

Jan. 19, 2013  

By Rahthrae
(click here for story)

"...the Pak-Lite Super glow which has a design that is ingenious in its simplicity."

Feb. 1, 2012 Review on 
"The “low” beam of the PakLite is about as bright as the Micro-Light. The “high” beam completely drowns it out – no contest, and it's arguably as bright or brighter than other headlamps I own."
Feb. 29, 2012 
 "The PakLite is an outstanding versatile light and considering its price of only $24.99, it is the best value for survival lighting. Honestly in situation other than a tactical one... the PakLite delivers two more usable long lasting light levels for everyday camping, general purpose, and survival lighting..."
Nov. 1 2010  
Odds 'n Sods: by James Wesley, Rawies
"Reader Edmond H. notes: "An item I like is the Pak-Lite flashlight...It often takes the place of my Surefire which is overkill for many simple chores...."
October 2005 

".....I'm amazed at how far the two unfocused LED bulbs throw their light."

webBikeWorld provides info and reviews on unique motorcycle products and accessories.

May 31, 2004 
Pocket PC Reviews

Pak-Lite 9V LED Flashlight...the ultimate "illumination tool"... 
 Click Here to read the whole review (scroll about half way down & click the photo of the Pak-Lite).

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Industrial Design Supersite

 "Here you gotta say, Duh?why didn't I think of that?!"  posted by BigElvis  
Commented on NY-Times Article


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